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Frequently Asked Questions about Worship Service

These are some commonly heard questions about worship services at Littlefield:

How long do services last?
Worship services usually last 60-75 minutes. (back to top)

What do people wear? Do I have to dress up?
It's pretty much up to you. You'll see men in coats, some with ties. But you will also see sweaters, sport shirts and for women, everyday blouses. Generally, more casual clothing is found during summer. (back to top)

Can I sit anywhere?
Certainly. If you are uncertain about where you want to sit, just ask one of the ushers to help you. (back to top)

Can we bring children to worship services?
Of course. We have activity worship packets young people can use during worship if you so choose. We also have child care for infants through age four during worship if that is your preference. (back to top)

Can we drop children in Sunday School while we go to church?
During the school year we offer Sunday School for elementary aged children. Children will be excused from worship after the choir anthem to go to the Sunday School room with their teacher. During summer, children 6 and younger may go to chid care; older children are expected to sit through the service. (back to top)

Do I have to believe in a certain creed to come to your worship services?
Not at all. We would hope that you are seeking a certain relationship with Jesus Christ, even if you don't know Him very well. But we are all seekers. We will stand and affirm certain creeds (such as the Apostle's Creed), but members have been known to omit a phrase or two if they are uncertain about them. What's important to Christ is that we all seek to make Him lord of our lives. He knows our hearts without having to listen to what we profess. (back to top)

Do I have to say anything during the service?
You won't be called on to stand up by yourself. Out of respect for our Lord, we do stand together at certain points in some services to say what we believe and to sing. But neither of those is mandatory. (back to top)

Can I share my requests for prayer?
At every Sunday worship service we offer prayers for Thanksgivings and Intercessions. Most are suggested from the congregation. Some are general concerns of the church, such as the well-being of those who are sick or bereaved. Some are general joys of the church community. We also have a weekly list of prayer requests available for those who would like to direct their prayers during the week. back to top)

Do you kneel?
No. (back to top)

What are your customs with communion (the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper)?
We celebrate communion the first Sunday of each month and on a few other occasions during the year. Anyone who professes a faith in Jesus Christ may partake of the bread and the cup. (Out of respect for visitors and members who may have an allergy or aversion to alcohol, we use grape juice instead of wine.) When we celebrate communion, people are asked to come forward to receive the bread from the pastor and dip it into the cup (intinction). No one is required to partake. (back to top)

Do you take up a collection (if so, how much should I give?)?
Each service includes the opportunity for an offering, a time when we can give back to the Lord just a small portion of what he has given us. Offerings go for the work of the church to deliver the Good News and to help those who need it, here and overseas. You are the sole judge of how much to give. Most members make an annual commitment and honor it each week. Among those who do not pledge and those who visit, some will give $1, some $5, some more, and some let the offering plate pass by. (back to top)

Do you expect your members to come every Sunday?
Strange as it may seem to people who don't go to church very often, churches like us don't have quotas, standards, and guidelines for attendance, nor do we record who is there every Sunday and who is not for the purpose of keeping score ! But there is another strange thing among those who do go to church fairly often: the more they go, the closer they seem to grow to God and to the love and power of Jesus Christ; and the more they seem to want to be there. All we ask of our members is what He asks of all of us: be faithful. (back to top)